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   Summer Projects / Internship:

  1. What is summer student internship?

  2. Summer student internships are meant for third or fourth year BE/B Tech students with high academic achievements and background in programming and/or signal/image processing. Selected students work with our research or ME students on some aspects of ongoing research work.

  3. Whom should I contact or how do I apply for internship?

  4. Only III BE ECE/CS students selected for KVPY or JNC/IAS/INSA/NAS Summer fellowships or UGC summer internships offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering, IISc are considered for internship in MILE laboratory. MILE Lab does not directly select for or offer summer internships. See relevant websites suggested below for advertisements at the appropriate times.

  5. What is the duration of internship?

  6. The duration is a minimum of two months.

  7. What kind of students do you consider for summer internship?

  8. III BE/B Tech students of ECE or CS branch, already selected by KVPY/JNC/IAS/INSA/NAS/EE, IISc, who have shown interest in current research areas of MILE and with relevant technical background, are considered.

  9. Do I require a reference to be selected for summer internship?

  10. Yes. See the requirements for the above individual fellowships in the respective websites at the right times of the year.

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