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   Projects for ME(SP) and ME(SSA)

  1. When do we choose a project guide for ME project?

  2. At the time of completion of the first semester.

  3. What are the project topics to be chosen by students in MILE Lab?

  4. Usually, these projects will be related to the ongoing research work of the Ph D scholars in the lab or the current funded projects. Schedule by email a time to meet the professor for discussions to select the topic.

  5. What are the areas of research currently pursued in the lab?

  6. Speech analysis, synthesis and language independent recognition, Document image analysis and recognition, Online handwriting recognition (OHR) for Tamil and Kannada, Analysis of colour images of retina.

  7. What is the background required for an ME project student?

  8. Good knowledge of signal/image processing, pattern recognition, optimization, Matlab and C or C++ (optional) programming languages.

  9. What is teaching assistantship?

  10. A teaching assistantship is provided by professor for a particular subject to help the professor in handling the assignments, projects and tests.

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