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Research Admission through External Registration Program:

Currently, applicants to external registration program will be considered only for Ph D admission. However, both BE graduates and ME/MTech/MS graduates are considered for direct admission to Ph D. So, if you are ready to consider Ph D, then you can apply for admission under external registration program, irrespective of whether you are an engineering graduate or post-graduate.

There are two fundamental requirements, one from the Institute administration side and the other, from my own individual side. The Institute requirement is that, at the time of application, you must have two years' experience as a regular employee of the current organisation, from which you are applying.

My own requirement is that I want the potential external registrant to work informally with MILE lab at least one day every weekend for a year, so that we see her/his commitment to research and readiness and actual availability of quality time for the academic pursuit. This is based on my past experience with several external registrant candidates, who could not actually put in time later because of their work pressure, or did not show as much interest as in the beginning.

By working regularly with us for a year, the candidate will also get exposed to:

  • The demands of a rigorous research program in IISc
  • The specific research areas of interest to MILE
  • Matching of candidate's research interests to MILE's
  • Our ways of working, and
  • Building up the mathematical, technical and/or programming background required for the intended field of research.

However, working with us earlier does not guarantee admission to IISc. The admission will be purely based on the candidate's performance in the technical interview and no consideration will be given either to past research accomplishments of the candidate or past work experience in any research labs in IISc.

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