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   Employment in Research Projects

  1. Do you hire project/ research staff ?

  2. Yes, if there is requirement for the research projects. However, this is meant only for bright graduates, who are committed to learn and contribute; also, only those who can commit to be with us, at least for a year.

  3. Are the project and research staff paid monthly salaries ?

  4. Yes. All the research projects in MILE Lab are funded by Ministry of Communication & Information Technology of Government of India or private industries. So, the selected project staff get consolidated salaries at the levels permitted by IISc based on their qualification and expertise.

  5. What is the necessary qualification that you look for?

  6. ME/M Tech in ECE/ CS with consistently good academic record (>75% in SSLC, PUC, BE and ME), preferably with experience or academic project related to the current research projects of MILE Lab. B.E. ECE/CS with consistently good academic record as above and good programming knowledge in C, C++ and/or java. Preference will be given to people, who are interested to pursue research in our lab leading to MS or Ph D degree. Occasionally, a good B.Sc or B.Com graduate or an average BE graduate with very good knowledge and interest in Tamil and/or Kannada and basic familiarity with computers might be considered for the post of Project Trainee for speech/image data collection, annotation and/or testing work.

  7. Can I publish papers in conferences and journals ?

  8. Yes. In fact, the lab encourages all research pursuits.

  9. Can I pursue higher education?

  10. Yes. We would like you to.

  11. Am I required to have a good knowledge of Indian languages?

  12. Yes, the current projects are funded for language technology in Tamil and Kannada. So, knowledge of reading and writing in one of these languages, and being open to learn the other, are a MUST.

  13. What are the skills expected from project assistants, project associates or research associates ?

  14. Passion and commitment for learning; proficiency in coding in C, C++ or Java; interest to contribute; willingness to work in a team empowering and enabling one another and also as an individual contributor. Knowledge of DSP, DIP, speech processing or NLP, depending upon the research project.

  15. What are the additional preferred skills ?

  16. Knowledge of STL and Eclipse IDE; experience related to our project areas.

  17. What is the nature of work expected ?

  18. Coding the research programs into demonstrable applications with good user interface and converting our Matlab code to C/C++ or testing of our OCR, OHR and TTS engines. Depending on your background, experience, interest and the speed with which you learn, you may be asked to explore new algorithms.

  19. How do I apply for a project/research position?

  20. Send your resume to

  21. What is the selection procedure for project/research positions?

  22. Based on your academic credentials and actual experience, you may be called for a written test for programming skills and DSP/DIP, followed by an interview.

  23. How will I know about my selection ?

  24. If you are being considered for a position, we shall contact you through email or phone for a written test and/or interview.

  25. Do you give training for project staff?

  26. No formal training will be provided for project staff. However, the required reference material will be made available. You are also expected to learn from your interactions with the ME, MS and Ph D students in the lab.

  27. What are the ongoing projects in the lab?

  28. Please visit our home page and click 'Projects-Current'.

  29. Do I need to travel on account of the project ?

  30. Occasionally it will be needed to meet our collaborators, to demonstrate our work to the funding agency and/or the review committee and to attend technical confernces.

  31. What are the working hours of the lab?

  32. Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM \96 5:30 PM (IST). However, you are welcome to work beyond these hours, and will be asked to, when there is a need.

  33. Can I get accommodation within the institute?

  34. Currently, additional hostels are being built by IISc. So, it may be available in the latter part of 2011.

  35. I have a question, which is not covered anywhere in the FAQ. What do I do ?

  36. Write to with subject: FAQ \96 New Question.

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