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   BE / ME Project Students

  1. Do you offer final year projects for BE/M Tech students from other colleges ?

  2. Yes, occasionally. Only to exceptionally bright, creative and enthusiastic students.

  3. Which year students do you generally consider?

  4. Final year B.E students or M Tech from NITís. However, committed and passionate III BE students are encouraged to approach us, so that the interaction may lead to their final year project.

  5. What are the branches & technical backgrounds do you generally look for?

  6. Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Information Science and Telecommunication students, with consistently above 75% marks min. and knowledge of DSP/DIP, Matlab, C or C++. Preference will be given to people, who are interested to pursue research in our lab leading to MS or Ph D degree.

  7. Do we have time limitation for completing the project?

  8. Yes, you need to work for a minimum duration of 6 months. Your candidature will not be considered if you have less than six months to submit your project report.

  9. What is the nature of projects offered in MILE lab?

  10. Selected students work with our research or ME students and/or research staff on some aspects of ongoing research work. Areas vary with time, and can be medical signal & image processing, camera captured document image analysis, pattern recognition, speech processing, or natural language processing.

  11. How do I apply for a final year project?

  12. Post your resume to

  13. Do you conduct an interview for selection ?

  14. Yes. If you are being considered for a possible student project, we shall contact you through email or phone for a written test in DSP, DIP and/or programming and/or an interview.

  15. Do I require a reference to be considered for a student project in your lab?

  16. Yes.

  17. What is expected of our project ?

  18. Every final year project is meant to forward one of our current research & development projects. Recommendation letters will be considered only if there is a significant contribution to our work out of a student project.

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