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Current Projects
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PhD Theses

  1. J V Satyanarayana (2015)
         “Efficient Design of Embedded Data Acquisition Systems based on Smart Sampling” (Download)

  2. Prathosh A P (2015)
         “Temporal Processing for Event-based Speech Analysis with Focus on Stop Consonants” (Download)

  3. Suresh Sundaram (2011)
         “Lexicon-free Recognition Strategies for Online Handwritten Tamil Words” (Download)

  4. Neelam Sinha (2008)
         “Strategies for Rapid MR Imaging” (Download)

  5. Peeta Basa Pati (2007)
         “Analysis of Multi-Lingual Documents with Complex Layout and Content” (Download)

  6. R Srikanth (2004)
         “3D Coding of MR Images and Estimation of Hemodynamic Response Estimation from fMRI Data” (Download)

  7. K N Bhanu Prakash (2001)
         “Image Processing Algorithms for Improved Medical Diagnosis” (Download)

  8. G Sita (2001)
         “Wavelet Transform based Techniques for Evoked Potential Signal Estimation” (Download)

  9. A G Ramakrishnan (1989)
         “Event Related Potential Monitoring and Analysis in Health and Diseases” (Download)

MSc Theses

  1. Abhiram Bhanuprakash (2014)
         “Characterization of the Voice Source by the DCT for Speaker Information” (Download)

  2. Ranjani H G (2008)
         “Explicit Segmentation of Speech for Indian Languages” (Download)

  3. G Ananthakrishnan (2007)
         “Music and Speech Analysis using 'Bach' Scale Filter-Bank” (Download)

  4. Umesh R S (2005)
         “Algorithms for Processing Polarization-Rich Optical Imaging Data ” (Download)

  5. Peeta Basa Pati (2004)
         “Machine Recognition of Printed Oriya Text” (Download)

  6. Neelam Sinha (2002)
         “Blood Cell Segmentation and Classification” (Download)


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