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   Compressed Acquisition Of Signals

Journal Publications

  1. J.V.Satyanarayana and A.G.Ramakrishnan, “Low Order Anti-aliasing Filters for Sparse Signals in Embedded Applications,” Sadhana, Vol. 38, Part 3, June 2013, pp. 397-405. (Download)

Conference Publications

  1. J.V.Satyanarayana and A.G.Ramakrishnan, “Compressed acquisition of correlated signals,” Proc. 18th National Conference on Communications (NCC 2012), 2012, Kharagpur, India. (Download)

  2. J.V.Satyanarayana and A.G.Ramakrishnan, “Multiplexed compressed sensing for general frequency sparse signals,” IEEE International Conference on Communications and Signal Processing (ICCSP 2011), 2011, Calicut, India.

  3. J.V.Satyanarayana and A.G.Ramakrishnan, “Frequency detection from multiplexed compressed sensing of noisy signals,” Proc. 17th National Conference on Communications (NCC 2011), 2011, Bangalore, India. (Download)

  4. J.V.Satyanarayana and A.G.Ramakrishnan, “MOSAICS: Multiplexed optimal signal acquisition involving compressed sensing,” IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM 2010), 2010, Bangalore, India. (Download)

  5. J.V.Satyanarayana and A.G.Ramakrishnan, “An efficient document image reconstruction and binarization method using compressed sensing,” Proc. IADIS International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing (CGVCVIP 2009), 2009, pp. 287-291. Algarve, Portugal. (Download)


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