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Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the machine recognition of characters in a document image, obtained by scanning printed text on paper. A complete working model of Optical Character Recognizer for Tamil , Kannada (monolingual) and bilingual (Tamil+Roman) script has been developed at our lab.

To obtain a copy of the software, contact:
Prof. A.G.Ramakrishnan,
MILE Lab, Dept. of EE
IISc, Bangalore, India - 560 012
Ph: +91-80-22932556


User Instructions & FAQ's for Thamizh Padi are here. The product is designed to run on Windows platform. The current overall recognition rate is around 95%.

Features of our System

  • Precise skew correction method
  • Binarization scheme is noise tolerant
  • Hierarchical tree-structured classifier is used
  • Recognition rate is approximately 98% on good quality documents
  • Output in RTF file format for easy viewing
  • Bold & Italicized characters in the original document have appropriate representation in RTF output
  • Multiple font size and style
  • Inbuilt scanner interface in order to get the document image directly from the scanner
  • Uses TAB code for output
  • Evaluated by Standard for Testing & Quality Control (STQC) , New Delhi
  • FIFO Software Technologies, Salem is using the software for digitizing books

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