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QRS Detection: MATLAB Code

         This is the MATLAB code for extracting the R-peaks of the QRS-complex from the ECG signal using the dynamic plosion index. This method, unlike most of the popular techniques, does not require any threshold for operation. The details of the method are presented in the paper entitled "Threshold-Independent QRS Detection Using the Dynamic Plosion Index," which has been accepted for publication to IEEE SPL.

1) The inputs for the code are the ECG signal (y), the sampling frequency (fs), the computation window in millisecond (sw) and the parameter (p).
2) The typical values for sw and p are 1800 and 5 respectively.
3) It outputs the R-peak locations as sample numbers.

This code is released under Apache Licence 2.0, which allows you to use it for research and/or commercial purposes, with due acknowledgment. By downloading and using this code, you agree to acknowledge the source and cite the above paper in related publications as follows:

@article { DPI_QRS,
    author = " A. G. Ramakrishnan and A. P. Prathosh and T. V. Ananthapadmanabhaha",
    title = "Threshold-Independent {QRS} Detection Using the Dynamic Plosion Index",
    journal = "IEEE {S}ignal {P}rocessing {L}etters, accepted for publication",
    year = "2014"

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